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How We Work

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Our way of working isn't complicated. We value the ease of doing business. 
Our services are tailored to your needs—we don't rely on cookie-cutter solutions that are overpriced and ineffective. We believe every brand deserves a personal touch, so we build custom strategies that are unique just for you. 


We don't rely on the way things have always been done to build your brand. Instead, we challenge the status quo to bring you fresh ideas and perspectives you can't get anywhere else. Our custom-made strategies are unique to your needs, so we're all aligned on the goals.


Ah, the nurturing phase. This is when we'll dig in with your audience to learn why they think you're awesome. And, we'll use their insights to drive your content, so they receive precisely the information they want at every stage of their customer journey. It's a win-win.


Once we develop and agree upon the perfect brand strategy, we turn our plan into action. We'll be busy behind the scenes ensuring we have the right marketing mix to reach your audience where they're already looking, and we'll also use automation to make things scalable.


Now that we know what's working, we will make things work even smarter with our automations. We'll make technology do the hard part so we can schedule campaigns in multiple channels and watch the lead database grow as everything begins working together.

Book a free introductory meeting today to see if PHAT may be able to help you achieve BIG results for your small business.
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