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A Poem for Dad

When I think about my Dad, I can’t help but to smile

Because crying, emotions, and “feelings” were never really his style

He’d want us to talk about all the good times, never thinking of the bad

Because he was a fighter until the very end and he wouldn’t want us to be sad

So sometimes what I say may even sound like a roast

But I promise you it’s only because that’s what he would have wanted most

He would be disappointed if I just sat around all day and sobbed

Because making him giggle against his will was always part of my job

He wasn’t just my dad, he was also like a bother

Because we were always playing around and messing with each other

He scarred me for life when he told me to “get that pillow out of my pants”

When my butt must have looked a little too big while getting ready for a dance

He would tease me about my hair and say it was “good enough for ball”

But he was also someone I could turn to whenever I would fall

He’d teach me some “life lessons” and get me back up on my way

“Just don’t let it get to you, Kid” was all he’d have to say

Then I’d get right back up to fight another round

Because I knew he’d always be in my corner as long as he was around

When I think about my Dad, sound may be the sense I tie to him the most

When I listened to him play his guitar, I was always simply engrossed

I thought he was a rockstar and could have made it big in a band

But all that fame and attention was something he just couldn't stand

He developed my love of music and taught me all about classic rock

So, if you’re someone who prefers the Beatles over the Stones, we probably shouldn’t talk

Dad really loved being a Pop Pop to his first grandson, Nick

I truly believe his love for him helped him hold on when he was very sick

He taught him to go “cwaaazy” and other annoying habits

But those were just some of his favorite things he enjoyed about his #1 Pop Pop status

That little boy could do no wrong or harm

Dad even continued to eat when Nick sneezed on his chicken parm

It wasn’t fair, but Dad didn’t care because that was his “special boy”

Getting to spend time with Nick truly brought him joy

When I think about my Dad, there’s still so much that I could say

But really I’m just sad we can’t make new memories together after today

My Dad was truly always my very bestest friend

So, it has been really hard for me to let go since his time came to an end

Dad still had so much life to live, but cancer took him away

Now we just have to trust in God that it was supposed to be this way

I pray Dad’s in heaven living it up with his fam

Maybe he’s even been selected as lead guitar in God’s special Angel band

But whatever he’s doing up there, I hope he’s having fun

And still having fun competing with everyone else to be number one

And when I get up there myself, I’ll find him right away

So we can just resume our fun and have eternity to play

I love you with all my heart, Dad and I miss you every day.

Born: 9/20/1960

Passed: 2/5/2022

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