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PHAT Services


Brand Identity

Let's figure out who you are and what lofty goals you want to accomplish with your small business. We'll carefully craft everything from your logo and color palette to your fonts and tone of voice to show off your uniqueness to the world.



Need a refresh? We got you. Maybe it's a change in strategic direction, and you need a complete overhaul, or you just need an updated look. Whatever it is, we'll uncover it and help you transform it into a fresh identity that speaks to what your business can offer.



Not sure where to begin? Let's start here. We'll take a deep dive into your goals and pain points to plow a path forward. We will also evaluate your current marketing efforts to determine what's working well and what could use some improvement.


Marketing Strategy

You can deploy all the best marketing tactics and still not see results. Why? Because there was no plan to tie all your efforts together in an integrated approach. This is where we can help. We design the puzzle and give you all the right pieces that fit your specific niche. 



You have something special to share with your audiences (both internal and external), and we want to help you express yourself! We'll work with you to develop presentations, blogs, white papers, case studies, testimonials, and more to show off all you have to offer.


Market Expansion

Whether you want to enter a brand-new market or scale-up business in an existing market, we're here for it all. You're already killing it in your current market, so now we'll dig in to help you explore what's next. Keep an open mind and there are no limits to where you'll grow.

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